Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 National Detainee Handbook

GPO Chicago Regional Procurement Office
Solicitations Online

BID SUBMISSION: Submit each bid to: GPO Regional Printing Procurement Office, 200 North La Salle Street, Suite 810, Chicago, IL 60601-1055.
Unless otherwise stated in the solicitation, responses will not be accepted electronically. (See Bid Form 910)
The following synopses of online solicitations are a listing of those available for bidding at GPO's Central Office Printing Procurement Department and are available as on-demand printing files in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
List of GPO's offices using this online bid service: Central Office, Atlanta RPPO, Boston RPPO, Charleston SPPO, Chicago RPPO, Columbus RPPO, Dallas RPPO, Denver RPPO, Hampton RPPO, New York RPPO, Oklahoma City SPPO, Philadelphia RPPO, San Antonio SPPO, San Diego SPPO, San Francisco RPPO, and Seattle RPPO.
Abstract file lists are available in PDF's for GPO's Atlanta, Boston, Central, Charleston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Hampton, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle offices.

No term contract solicitations available at this time. Please check back later.

Jacket Number: 735-378
Bid Opening Date: April 18, 2011.
Title: RPI 665, ROTC The Path to Leadership Booklet SOD11-650
Quantity: 250,102 copies (includes 50 QARC copies & 2 inspection copies)
Ship/Deliver Date: Contractor must make complete production and delivery by: First 50 copies to ATAL-SA/PRINT by 5/12/11 GPO QARCs & Chicago Inspection copies delivery by 5/20/11. Deliver Approx. 41,750 copies to approx. 281 destinations by 5/27/11 Shipping schedule to ADC (Estimated total pallet count is 84 pallets): 70,000 copies (1st partial shipment to ADC) on 5/20/11 70,000 copies (2nd partial shipment to ADC) on 6/10/11 68,250 copies (Remaining balance shipment to ADC) on 7/1/11. Contact the ADC, per below guidelines prior to ship date to ensure appointment is scheduled for delivery.
Jacket Number: 735-412/413
Bid Opening Date: 10:00 AM, PREVAILING CHICAGO, IL TIME, ON April 18, 2011.
Product: Paste-on-fold (self cover) Pamphlets (Spanish and English Versions).
Title: 735-412: National Detainee Handbook: Spanish 735-413: National Detainee Handbook: English
Quantity: 735-412: 221,367 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples) 735-413: 129,567 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples)
Ship/Deliver Date: MUST deliver complete on or before April 29 D, 2011.

DISCLAIMER: The GPO is providing solicitation dissemination via the Internet as a service to the public. If contractors elect to receive transmissions electronically the GPO will not be responsible for any failure attributable to the transmission, including but not limited to: (1) Receipt of garbled or incomplete solicitation; (2) Incompatibility between the sending and receiving equipment; (3) Delay in transmission or receipt of the solicitation; (4) Illegibility of solicitation. In addition, contractors should review the electronic synopsis prior to submission of bids to determine if the solicitation has been amended. Questions or comments regarding the contents of these pages, or GPO Printing Procurement? Contact

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