Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are Obama and Soros Going to Use an Economic Crash to Dismantle the Constitution?

There is no doubt all this economic turmoil is by design by the planners and social engineers. The been trying to do away with the US Constitution so they can rewrite it where the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech is fettered. We will have no more private property rights or the right to privacy.We can not let him have his way That has been the vision of the Obama Administration and the globalist to attack our liberties.
                  Alan Keyes through The Declaration Alliance has uncovered evidence on May 1,2011 that is May Day.A Holiday in the Communist world. They want to force us into a system of economic slavery forever paying off the Banks a debt we do not owe.The Obama White House and George Soros plan to launch another attack on what is left of the economy and our Constitution to force us into accepting a Marxist Manifesto. By using an economic and banking crash to cause economic pain on us.With such misery inflicted on us. They hope we would accept anything as long the economic hardships stops.They want us to cry uncle to stop the pain game.
                  Another way they might dismantle the Constitution is a fiscal crisis causing the required states to call a Constitutional convention under the guise of a balanced budget amendment from another direction under the Republican banner in the name of stopping Obama's out of control spending.
                  We are going into dangerous times  because the other side knows their time is short and the window of opportunity is closing. They still have a few tricks up their sleeve to use on us to scare us.They will use class warfare blaming the middle class,They will try to turn the poor on the people who still produce.The will pit young against old,black against white. They will try to shift the blame when it was the Government and the Bankers are the ones to blame. We must be vocal who is to blame and not fall victim to class warfare games of the past turning on each other. This is our Constitution and not theirs to shred. Not matter what crisis we must not surrender our liberties for temporary relief. It has never worked and never will.

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