Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harry Reid's China trip with the secret itinerary

Initial reports of Sen. Harry Reid's (D-NV) trip to China only stated that the trip's purpose was to promote commerce between the U.S. and China, as well as to have heart-to-heart discussions about human rights.  For security concerns, the media was told that the itinerary of the trip was being kept confidential. 
Shortly after Reid left the U.S., reports about high-profile Sen. Harry Reid traveling to China began to add more details.  The stories began mentioning that Reid was being accompanied by nine other U.S. Senators.  That's understandable.  Why should one expect Harry Reid to travel to a land with security concerns all by himself? 
By the time Reid and the other nine Senators were settled into their accommodating residences in the land of security concerns, word came that Reid was accompanied not only by nine other Senators, but also by the Senators' spouses and select staffers and officers.  Naturally, one wonders why Harry Reid and nine other U.S. Senators would drag their spouses and staff members to the depths of China where there are security concerns. 
It makes one think that the biggest reason for keeping the itinerary of the trip unknown to the media and the American public is because it's very possible Reid and the others don't want us to know exactly what our American taxes are paying for on this excusion. 
Typical of the media, however, details of the secretive China trip are beginning to leak.  More than just the number of travellers has become disconcerting information for the cash-strapped American tax-payer.  While 'all work and no play' may make Reid and the other U.S. Senators dull senators, let them be dull when it's on our dime.

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