Thursday, April 21, 2011

POLICE STATE 2011: Homeland Security / ARMY Black Helicopters In Drill Over Downtown Miami

(THE INTEL HUB)   Miami-Dade County seems to have become a staging ground in preparation of a militarized police state.
The latest event was reported on by The Miami-Herald when a scene right out of the movie Conspiracy Theory led residents to start Tweeting about “pitch black” military helicopters dropping men onto buildings, including the Bank of America building, beginning around 9:15 p.m. as witnessed in the video below:

Miami-Dade County already has become infamous among lovers of freedom for being the first local police department to order surveillance drones.
Although the purpose of this latest drill was not immediately released, residents, local police, and the U.S. Coast Guard were kept in the dark about the arrival of the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force.
This is yet another example of the ramping-up of Homeland Security activity in urban centers around the country, which has added to reports that preparations are being made for Martial Law and FEMA camp internment of American citizens.

One thing is clear according to The Miami-Herald report: this is an extended operation that will continue for several more days.
And what is clear from first-hand, insider accounts is that a FEMA sponsored system of control called Incident Command Structure is being taught to police that it is completely normal to conduct urban warfare training as a necessary preparation for the future corralling of American citizens.

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