Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NKorea military starts to distribute rifles, ammo to civil defense reservists

This is the information obtained from North Korea 9 morning. Is an instruction from the Korean workers ' Party Central Military Commission, live ammunition and guns began and paid to the North Korean civilian reservists from 8 am. "This is evidence of provocation, such as missile launches near," sources in the North said. That is, allows the guns and live ammunition into North Korea fired the missiles, if backlash is expected from Korea Army and U.S. forces, said 900000 people civilian reservists, has started preparation for combat. North Korea already moved two ballistic missile ( Wonsan Wonsan on the East Coast area, hide connected underground hangars and military installations were doing. Korea Defense Ministry Conference was talking with "likely launch on the 10th. With regard to such a situation, North Korean military tensions without it further is growing mistakes, accidental collisions such as is feared could happen such as.


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