Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Executive Order to Take Your Guns


This is the most ANTI-GUN administration in my lifetime. And now Barack Obama is going to do more "back-room" politics in order for you not to own a gun in the future.

Although every president from both parties has used "executive orders," it is still considered a "loop-hole" to get around Congressional support for any legislation. In fact, it verges on the "illegal" or "governing by directive!" Executive orders permits a president to "govern on his whim" for his pet projects. YES, it can be over-ridden by the United States Congress. Unfortunately, this is what it might come down to about your gun rights.

Mr. Obama is mounting an attack on your gun rights, even as I write this email to you. That's why it is extremely important to respond today, so we can make sure that every Member of the United States Congress votes to PROTECT our second Amendment freedom, the right to keep and bear arms. Mr. Obama is holding meetings that could determined if you can even own a gun in the future! Are you prepared for Obama's ATTACK of new anti-gun laws?

In order to avoid long, drawn-out debate---AND A DEFEAT IN CONGRESS---Mr. Obama plans to issue his gun control plan via "executive orders" to go around Congress. Quite frankly---TO GO AROUND THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS. YOU!

We must DEMAND our Congressmen to be responsive to the majority wishes of their constituency. We demand our rights as protected by the United States Constitution! The Second Amendment is very, very clear, as far as our right to keep and bear arms. Yet, Mr. Obama wants to take away our right---"by hook or crook." He wants to even stoop to use an executive order to grab your guns.
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