Monday, May 2, 2011

CIA to Analyze Electronic Evidence Seized at Bin Laden Compound

Usama bin Laden's body sank to the bottom of the Arabian Sea Monday morning after he was buried in accordance with Islamic practice. 

But while his death marked the end of one counterterror mission -- a big one -- it could unlock new clues as intelligence analysts start to review the materials captured at bin Laden's Pakistan compound during the raid. 
Along with bin Laden's body, electronics and hard drives were seized by U.S. forces following the firefight Sunday afternoon.

They have started to arrive at the CIA's Virginia headquarters, officials said. They described the cache as a "volume of materials" that will be "exploited and analyzed" at CIA headquarters. 
It's unclear what kinds of information the files might contain. Intelligence officials spent years tracking the threads of information that eventually led them to the courier that led them to bin Laden's compound. But officials have said the successful mission Sunday is only one step in the ongoing fight against Al Qaeda and its affiliates. 

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